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16th March 2022 Tips

Are you keeping a positive mindset whilst searching for a job?

We want to help you focus on the positives and develop your career goals to suit you. Setting goals for yourself is very useful as it gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. This also helps you measure progress and how well you are doing. Career goals are useful as you can plan your future; this enables you to keep focusing on the positive outcomes for your future.

How to choose goals which are right for you:

  1. Where are you now? (Have you just finished temporary work? Want to move to a school closer to you? Want to progress with your career?)
  2. What are your long term career goals? (Temporary employment? Permanent employment? Career progression?)
  3. What new skills do you want to develop? (How to use SIMS confidently? Safeguarding course?)
  4. How can you add value to your next job? (Can you improve your communication skills? Are you pro-active? Are your technical skills up to date?)
  5. What weaknesses do you want to turn into a strength? (Do you have much experience within a school? Do you need to work on your technical skills on a specific software?)


When applying for a new role always be open to learning and improving your current skill set. To assist you with your learning, and for an insight into the SIMS system, please access the Distance Learning course at your own convenience.

Our sister company School ICT Services offer further training courses for all our registered candidates at a reduced SLA price. These extra training courses will help you improve your skills and knowledge, to further progress your career within the education sector.

At School ICT Resourcing we ensure that the role you choose is well matched to you, and take into consideration what your career goals are and where you see yourself in the future

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