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16th September 2021 Tips

Your interview is your first impression to any prospective employer, so you want to make it a good one! The 4 ‘P’s will hopefully help you get the job you want and help you to come across as being confident and efficient.


The first step is to prepare for your interview, this can be done in many ways. This is useful as it will ensure you are prepared for anything you may be asked, and you will have good background knowledge on the company.

  • Research the school – Look at their social media posts to see what they have been up to, visit their website to see what they do. This gives you an understanding of what they are all about, including what they value, which could give you an advantage. You should also find out the interviewers name!
  • Your accomplishments – What have you achieved that could stand out to the school? If you have achieved something that could be useful to the company, make sure to bring it up.
  • Read your CV – You should re-read your CV so you are prepared for any questions about it.
  • Ask questions – Think of some questions about the school and role to show your interest.



If you want your interview to run smoothly, practice makes perfect!

  • Role play – You could practice an interview with someone close to you so that you can receive         some feedback.
  • Review your questions – This is good as you can practice being confident asking them.
  • Body Language– Practice having good body language, for example sitting up straight, try not to         fidget and make eye contact.



Presenting yourself well is key and first impressions count! The interviewer will see your appearance straight away, before you even start the interview so you should make sure you look smart.

  • Be on time – You don’t want to be arriving late to the interview, try arriving 15 minutes earlier than you should and allow time for parking, traffic congestion etc.
  • Dress smartly – If you are visiting a school for an interview make sure you are dressed appropriately, clothes not too tight or too
  • Be positive– When you arrive make sure to smile!
  • Be clean – Being well groomed is important, polished shoes, tidy hair, ironed clothes, clean nails – they all give the interviewer a feel for the type of person you are.



Lastly, make sure to participate and be interested in the interview.

  • Listen carefully – Listening to what the interviewer is really saying is very important, so that you can answer appropriately.
  • Stay on topic – Don’t get distracted, try answer the questions without getting side-tracked.
  • Take a moment to think – When asked a question, do not rush, instead take your time.

Using the 4 ‘P’s will give definitely give you an advantage at your interview. Remember to be confident and good luck!

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